16:30 – 17:00 | Why IELTS is a good test for students, teachers, and organisations

Room: Schöneberg

Ben Wakeford, IELTS Global Relations Manager – Supplier Schools & Agents, British Council

In this session you will learn about some of the reasons why IELTS has been the leading high stakes test of English for over 30 years. Ben will give you some basic background information about the test, as well as outlining how some of its features which make it a test particularly suited to the purposes of your students, teachers of English, and organisations which either help students to prepare for the test or those which use it as a means to assess the English language level of their applicants.

He will reference quite a few of the (mostly free) British Council preparation resources which can help students to prepare for the test and teachers to teach it. He will also mention the many IELTS Partner programmes the British Council runs across the globe for agents and educators to work with us to promote the test, and be rewarded for doing so.