16:30 – 16:50 | How ‘thinking digital’ eases student accommodation challenges

🎤 Speaker

– Yoony Kim, Head of Public Policy and Communications, HousingAnywhere

📝 Description

Crucial for any prospective international student: to find the right place to live that they can call home. With the intensified global housing crisis, lack of available, affordable and accessible student accommodation became one of the biggest challenges not only for the students but also for the educational institutions and cities to attract and retain talents.

Here comes the big question: How can international students and student recruitment professionals secure the right accommodation during this intensified housing crisis when you cannot even do viewings, nor have a personal contact with the landlords and property managers?

The answer is: think digital.
The Global housing crisis is here to stay, but as we all know, any crisis comes with new opportunities – and today’s opportunities are in many cases powered by digital innovations.

In this session, HousingAnywhere’s Yoony Kim answers the following questions:
– Why do we need to address housing as an integral part of international education?
– How can ‘thinking digital’ ease student accommodation challenges?
– What are the practical digital housing solutions that are relevant for student recruitment professionals and for their students?