17:30 – 18:10 | Transnational Education and Social Mobility

🎤 Speaker

Siddarth Banerjee, Managing Director, Pearson PTE
Ravikant Tiwari, Trade Commissioner, Consulate General of Canada, Mumbai
Aparna Gaur, Lead, IP, Technology, Media and Education, Nishith Dessai Associates
Hiren Sakariya, Director, International Relations, Shreehari, Education Consultant Pvt Ltd.


📝 Description

Transnational education can become a catalyst for social mobility for students of different backgrounds, enriching and impacting their lives in immeasurable positive ways. Equally benefiting the country et large, both economically and culturally. As access to international education cannot be taken for granted, the factors and strategies that affect government policy and decision making require re-evaluation.

In this session, the various elements to how transnational education impacts large countries such as India at both individual and government level will be discussed and assessed.