16:00 – 17:00 | UK ELT – the state of the market and where is it headed?

Room: Bellevue

Annie Wright, Marketing Communications Director, English UK
Patrik Pavlacic, Chief Intelligence Officer, BONARD
Shoko Doherty, Chief Executive Officer, Celtic English Academy & Vice Chair at English UK
Mark Lindsay, Managing Director, St Giles International
Lisa James, Managing Director, Young Learners, EC English Language Centres 

This session will comprise a deep dive into the UK’s English language teaching (ELT) landscape delivering clarity on the pace and trajectory of post-pandemic recovery before a panel of industry experts offer their perspective on trends shaping the language travel sector through 2023.

Patrik Pavlacic, Chief Intelligence Officer, at independent market research specialist BONARD, will guide you through the latest English UK student statistics. Using intelligence from the association’s optional QUIC scheme, he will provide a fact-based analysis of the recovery process in the UK and use this to predict future outlook.  QUIC (the quarterly intelligence cohort) is the leading quarterly ELT reporting scheme in the world.

Discover where is the UK at compared to 2019 levels, what the pace and trajectory of recovery is, what segments and what markets are trending.

This will be contextualised by a high-level, state of the industry view of the global market. He will analyse the UK’s position compared with trends seen across the seven other leading ELT destinations (the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, and Malta).

Following the presentation, Annie Wright, English UK’s Marketing Communications Director, will chair a panel of industry professionals discussing their take on the data and on future prospects for the UK market and recovery through 2023.