16:00- 16:55 | International education in Australia: an update on some of the most prominent recruitment markets

🎤 Speakers

Wei Zhang, Business Relationship Manager, Tianjin Leader Overseas Education Service Co., Ltd
Estefania Libreros, Office Director, LAE International Education
Birochan Shrestha, Director of Brisbane Office, Aus Studies Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Hiren Sakariya, Director, International Relations, Shree Hari Education Consultant Pvt. Ltd.

📝 Description

Australia has quickly regained its status as a top study destination, attracting students from all corners of the world. In this session, we will provide an update on four popular student-sending markets: China, India, Nepal, and Colombia.

In 4 individual 10-minute presentations we will analyse their characteristics, look at recruitment statistics, and explore the potential opportunities each market presents. The final 15 minutes will be dedicated to a live Q&A.