15:30 – 16:30 | ALTO Best Practice Guidelines and Industry Trends Barometer

Room: Schöneberg

Reka Lenart, Manager, Association of Language Travel Organisations (ALTO)
Selim Dervish, Director, Academia United

ALTO has always been at the forefront of creating a more professional international education industry for us all by bringing all players together and allowing agents, schools, associations and service providers to strengthen each other via information and idea exchange. Since ALTO became independent in 2010, but with an added importance as a consequence of the pandemic, the association has played the crucial role of an anchor organisation for the owners and directors of educational travel companies, where the sole aim of every project was to drive our members, our members’ organisations and ultimately the whole industry forward.

The Board and various members via workgroups spent a great deal of time and energy on the below projects that are open and available to the industry free of charge. We would like to invite all ICEF Berlin participants to learn more, ask questions and use them in their businesses:

1. ALTO Best Practice Guidelines:
The aim of the ALTO Best Practice Guideline is to create a framework for organisations within the international education industry, where each acknowledges and accepts their reciprocal commitments to work as true partners.

ALTO Best Practice Guidelines

2. Industry Trends Barometer
The ALTO Trends Barometer project is a data collaboration platform which was developed by the association to assist the international educations industry with insights into measurable trends showing weekly arrivals data at course providers around the world. The data collection will continue until the arrival figures reach 2019 levels when we can analyse the full cycle of the pandemic and learn from the stages and effects, trying to draw conclusions how to prepare our businesses better for future disruptions.

ALTO Trends Barometer