15:25 – 15:55 | The evolution of Digital Testing as part of the student journey

🎤 Speakers

– James Holden, Senior Strategic Engagement Manager, Duolingo English Test
– Dr. Arum Perwitasari, Academic Relations Lead EMEA, ETS Global
Moderator: Ian Cann, Director Americas, ICEF

📝 Description

Digital testing has been with us for decades, rising to prominence during the pandemic. Now seen as integral to the international student journey, and to a growing number of institutions’ admissions pipelines, the rising popularity of digital assessment and testing solutions means that the technology is under greater scrutiny than ever.

We will discuss:
– Different types of digital testing solutions
– How they operate and the technologies that are used
– What are the challenges and benefits of digital testing?
– What does the future hold for digital assessment, with regard to the student journey, and the admissions process?