15:20 – 16:10 | Tomorrow’s financial solutions for international students

🎤 Speakers

Maryam Moshiri – Executive Director, CIBC | Simplii
Kin Chung – Head of Credit, Zolve
Liz Nutting – Executive Relationship Manager, Discover
Moderator: Martijn van de Veen – VP Business Development, ICEF

📝 Description

New fintech solutions are making international education increasingly accessible, affordable and manageable.

Think of student loans where eligibility is now determined by AI powered assessments or that require an ‘income share agreement’ (ISA) rather than a co-signer. In parallel, initiatives that lead to substantial cost reductions include digital banking services, personalised and automated budget management tools and Fintech-powered international payment solutions.

In this session, we will lead a discussion where the panelists are invited to provide their insights on some of the latest, and upcoming, financial services and solutions for the international education industry in general and international students in particular.