15:00 – 16:00 | Scientia potentia est…. Defining and delivering diversification in global student recruitment

Room: Tiergarten

Pamela Barrett, CEO and Director, Barton Carlyle

Successful global mobility strategies in our changed and challenging environment depend on our ability to implement new principles and practice. We are called on to deliver robust and sustainable diversification across geographies, modalities of learning and subject areas, and that requires that we anticipate, map and mitigate the demographic, geopolitical and economic challenges we face.

Doing more of the same in new places just isn’t going to cut it.

The new global marketplace requires a creative, multi-layered and riskier approach to student recruitment approaches than ever before. This seminar programme will define the most meaningful variables in the new recruitment landscape such as growing fiscal and economc complexity, increased competition for the best students in key markets, substantially increased volatility in global student mobility and a more complex pattern of student decision-making behaviours. We will discover how to leverage partnerships, layer market insight, and build a comprehensive evidence base for a sustainable strategy.

This is a practical seminar. We’ll identify those areas that can make a real difference and share the key learning points and recommendations that can help you achieve your goals.