15:00 – 15:55 | International education as brain gain for the MENA region

🎤 Speakers

Marie-Claude Svaldi (moderator), VP of Government Relations & Recruitment MENA, ELS Language Centres
Raj Kapoor, Head of International Recruitment, Global Banking School
Lesley Byrne, Vice President, International Student Recruitment and Admissions, St George’s University
Haitam Giat, Founder & CEO, Yes Atlas

📝 Description

Research indicates that over 8% of the world’s total university student population are in the MENA region. However, with less than two percent of the world’s best universities based locally this creates a gap in the education system and a possibility for outward education.
Although concerns exist about the loss of valuable intellectual and labour capacity, the opportunity to migrate for a degree can create a range of benefits for sending countries and for the students themselves.

In this panel discussion, the aim is to address both the opportunities and the challenges that student mobility creates, whether at the government, business and educational level.