15:00 – 15:25 | How AI powered “subconscious learning” enhances the personalisation of international education

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Yamileth Otero, Managing Director, LAE International Education

📝 Description

Our universities offer top-tier programs. How do we ensure these reach the students who need them most and will be passionate about them? The key lies in combining quality instruction with cutting-edge technology.

Our education system often treats students uniformly, with little personalization. Yet, each student is unique, with their own interests, skills, and passions. Subconscious learning harnesses this individuality, allowing students to absorb and retain information in a way that resonates with their interests, supported by expert teaching. By blending subconscious learning with top-quality teaching, we can offer international students experiences that match their passions and abilities, increasing their engagement and success.
Envision a future where education is personalised, where students are guided by expert teachers using technology to unlock the power of subconscious learning.

“On the horizon of education’s future, artificial intelligence and augmented reality meet quality instruction, enabling students to access the full potential of their subconscious learning.”