14:30 – 14:55 | ICEF Agent Voice Survey 2022: An updated survey from the perspective of agents in the world of changing international education

🎤 Speaker

Ian Cann, VP, Americas, ICEF

📝 Description

A great seminar for both those new to working with agents and those experienced recruiters looking for an agent marketing strategy. ICEF Agent Voice is a bi-annual survey of ICEF-screened agents from over 100 countries. It is unique in its frequency, reach, and level of detail – comparing perspectives of agents around the world and gaining fresh insights into how they are adapting and responding to global issues and challenges. This includes a year-on-year comparison of the attractiveness of international study destinations as perceived by agents recruiting for a wide range of international study programmes. Additional aspects covered include:

– Where ICEF agents plan to send students in 2023 and beyond
– How institutions can effectively provide support and work closely with their agents this year
– What agents see as the most effective marketing strategies

The survey findings will help educators to build their reputation and relationships with agents and will also assist them in developing strategies to market themselves and their destinations more effectively.