14:30 – 14:55 | Conflicts of interest in career guidance teaching: analysing the risks for educators

🎤 Speaker

Dr Patrick Nkhoma, Managing Director, DALP Consultancy Services (Z) Ltd

📝 Description

Conflicts of interest in career guidance teaching can sometime have significant implications for not only the educators but the students they advise as well. The presentation investigates the conflicts of interest within the realm of career guidance and identifies and examines the potential risks involved. The presentation will shed light on the various forms of conflicts that may arise, such as biased recommendations, partnerships with specific institutions, or personal financial gain.

We will identify the underlying factors that contribute to conflicts of interest and discuss their impact on the integrity and effectiveness of career guidance. This presentation will also look at the ethical practices and professional standards for educators, providing practical strategies for mitigating conflicts and ensuring unbiased advice given to leaners.