14:00 – 14:45 | Institution or agent or third party provider: Who decides to work with whom?

Sponsored by M Square Media


Dr Chris Busch, Associate Vice President, Enrolment & International, University of Windsor
Johanna Lahti, Coordinator, LUT University
Akos Kiraly, Head of Sales, SRH Higher Education
Moderator: Hersha Pandya, Executive Director, Partner Relations UK and Europe, M Square Media

Successful international enrollment management professionals need a strategy to understand and prioritize the roles of the institution, recruitment agents, and aggregator services. These partnerships thrive under mutually beneficial terms because the third-party is interviewing the institution just as much as the institution is vetting strategic partners.

In this session, participants will examine the nature of international recruitment partnerships to better understand the changing power-dynamic among stakeholders. The traditional roles of the institution, agents, and third-party service providers will be explored, as well as a shift in the balance of who is selecting whom as a partner. Successful recruitment is not achieved solely through prestige, commissions, and market presence. Participants will learn about the metrics necessary to identify a strong working relationship that yield both volume and student success.