14:00- 14:15 | French-language college education in Canada

­čÄĄ Speaker

R├ęda Lounis, Director of Development, Partnerships and Operations, R├ęseau des c├ęgeps et coll├Ęges francophones du Canada (RCCFC)

­čôŁ Description

The presentation will focus on the R├ęseau des c├ęgeps et coll├Ęges francophones du Canada (RCCFC), an organization that brings together nearly 60 French-language post-secondary institutions across Canada. The presentation will begin with an introduction on the role and importance of the network in Francophone education in Canada. It will highlight the objectives of the network, such as the promotion of French-language college education, collaboration between member institutions, and the development of quality French-language programs of study.

The presentation will then provide an overview of the network’s members, which are located in different provinces and territories in Canada, such as Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Manitoba. It will also highlight the diversity of programs of study offered in French-language CEGEPs and colleges, including technical and continuing education programs.

The presentation will also address the tools put in place by the RCCFC; CollegeCO, to help our members market their educational services. Post├ęduc EXPO, a virtual trade show dedicated to helping students in grades 9 to 12, guidance counsellors and parents in their post-secondary careers.

Finally, the presentation will highlight the importance of the R├ęseau des c├ęgeps et coll├Ęges francophones du Canada in maintaining and promoting post-secondary education in French across the country, as well as the challenges and opportunities it faces.