Internationalisation key for ICEF 2017 Higher Education Partnership Forum

Held on September 12, 2017 in Seville, Spain, the 2017 ICEF Higher Education Partnership Forum brought together educators from around the world seeking to develop partnerships between their institutions. This event built on the success of the inaugural Higher Education Partnership Forum in Liverpool, UK.

Participants at the 2017 ICEF Higher Education Partnership Forum sought to establish mutually beneficial collaborations in areas such as study abroad programmes, exchange programmes, articulation agreements, joint degrees, course-to-course transfers and research. Throughout, there was a strong focus on shared best practices and co-operation between institutions.

Katerina Zhukova, Senior Specialist at Russia’s Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, said: “The ICEF Higher Education Partnership Forum was very well organised, and I’m grateful to the ICEF team for their comprehensive and effective assistance at all times during the event. The Partnership Forum was a new experience for me, and thoroughly met all the expectations I had as a participant.”

This second iteration of the forum featured one-to-one meetings as well as a seminar programme focused on the themes of due diligence, strategy, development and growth. The 2017 ICEF Higher Education Partnership Forum hosted 100 participants from 72 organisations, including participants from 19 different countries across five continents. This year, each participant scheduled more individual meetings with other participants than in 2016, underlining the interest many higher education institutions around the world have in forming partnerships.

In 2018, both the ICEF Higher Education Partnership Forum and the ICEF Higher Education Workshop will be held in Geneva, Switzerland.

Press Contact:

Markus Badde