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Who is ICEF

ICEF is the global market leader in business-to-business networking events and services for the international education sector. For over 25 years, we have been connecting education institutions and carefully chosen student recruitment agents with providers of services such as insurance which enhance the international student experience.

Our unrivalled global programme of online and in-person networking events offers insurance providers an efficient and cost-effective platform to introduce your brand and access new clients in this exciting growing market.

Accessing the student travel market with ICEF

The international education segment represents a unique opportunity for insurance providers: For the majority of international students, insurance is not only relevant, but in most cases compulsory. Even when health insurance is not a condition of entry for a visa application, most education institutions will not enrol students who don’t have adequate insurance to cover their stay.

Each year, millions of students from around the world choose to pursue their studies in higher education abroad, with a total market size of 5.6 million as of 2018. Popular study destinations such as the US, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany and Australia are well known for attracting large numbers of inbound students, while up-and-coming destinations like the UAE, Singapore, Malaysia and Argentina have also been experiencing growing numbers of international students from their respective regions.

Historically, most international students come from South Asia, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Northern Africa and Latin America.

How our network can help you

The majority of international students around the world find their final education institution and programme of study through international student recruitment agencies based in their home countries. These agencies are specialist recruiters who know the application and immigration process for their key markets, giving expert advice and guidance to would-be students. These agencies are therefore critical in matching students with the right programmes abroad, assisting them with advice, and introducing relevant products and services – including insurance.

These student recruitment agencies, as well as the education institutions abroad, are ideally positioned to introduce your insurance solution to the international students. They can be referrers, brokers or promotors of your insurance – and you can meet these agencies and institutions at ICEF networking events. With access to information in many of these outbound student countries sometimes being difficult, a recommendation from an agent to a student is often a key purchase driver.

Webinars for insurance providers

January 2021 • Global Student Mobility: millions of students in need of insurance solutions


  • Martijn van de Veen, Vice President, Business Development, ICEF
  • Jesper Lykke, Independent Senior Consultant, Insurance Sector – International Student Mobility

Each year, millions of international students enrol at education institutions worldwide, whether that be with language schools, higher education institutions, or anything in between. For these students, insurance is extremely importantand often compulsory to gain a student visa. The COVID-19 reality has further emphasised the need and importance of proper health insurance for international students.

In this 30 minute webinar, we explain the international student mobility sector in more detail for those interested in accessing this growing segment, and explore the opportunities that exist for insurance companies as they reach into this segment.

December 2020 • International student health care after the pandemic


  • Martijn van de Veen, Vice President, Business Development, ICEF
  • Laurent Pochat-Cottilloux, Global Head of Health Reinsurance Partnerships, AXA
  • Jodi Thomas, Head of Strategy and Implementation – Global Students, Allianz Partners
  • Philippe Guibert, Regional Medical Director, Europe Health Consulting Practice, International SOS

As the metaphorical light at the end of the Covid-tunnel is starting to appear, the international education industry is eagerly preparing for borders to reopen again. In a post-pandemic world in which healthcare concerns are paramount, student health care, safety and health insurance will be more relevant than ever before for study abroad.

Educational institutions, student recruitment agencies, international students’ families and of course the students themselves will be looking for the right services and solutions to guarantee their wellbeing and ensure they are protected and cared for in case anything happens during their stay abroad. In this webinar we’ll be discussing how the insurance industry is preparing for the new normal with input from 3 senior sector representatives. We’ll also be encouraging our audience to take part with a series of interactive polls.

Market intelligence for insurance providers

Upcoming events

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