Innovation and diversity define higher education workshops in Liverpool

ICEF convened two highly successful higher education networking events in Liverpool, UK this month. The ICEF Higher Education Workshop was held on 10–12 September, followed by the ICEF Higher Education Partnership Forum on 13 September. Both events hosted a remarkably diverse group of international educators from all over the world.

The ICEF 2016 Higher Education Workshop provided an opportunity for international institutions, selected higher education-focussed agents, and relevant service providers to hold one-to-one networking meetings. Over the course of the two-day workshop, 2 000 meetings were conducted with 242 participants from 192 organisations and institutions. The participants represented 60 countries from Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, and the Americas.

Tereza Novotna, of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University in the Czech Republic said: “It is a very good meeting that offers access to focussed high-quality agents. There is also a very friendly atmosphere that allows for relationship and partnership building. It is a great gathering of professionals.”

Held the following day, the inaugural ICEF 2016 Higher Education Partnership Forum was also a resounding success, bringing together educators from around the world who wished to develop partnerships with foreign institutions.

“[The forum is] a new interesting way of interacting with new potential partners on a clear basis and with clear common goals,” said Giulio Contini, EUHT StPOL, Spain.

The forum featured one-to-one meetings as well as a half-day seminar programme that showcased innovative models and best practices in higher education partnerships. All told, the Partnership Forum hosted 151 participants from 19 countries.

“Collaboration between higher education institutions is an important part of internationalisation. Hosting representatives from 60 countries that spread across six continents was a great honour for our team,” added ICEF CEO Markus Badde.

In 2017 the Higher Education Workshop and Higher Education Partnership Forum will be held in Seville, Spain.

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