The ICEF Latin America Workshop continues to set the standard for quality networking events in the region.

The ICEF Latin America Workshop, held on 22-24 September 2016 in São Paulo, Brazil, hosted 294 participants from 24 countries. Through 2 584 pre-scheduled meetings, conducted over the course of the workshop, educators, education agents, and service providers were able to expand their networks, nurture existing partnerships and exchange ideas with each other.

“I was very happy with the amount of agents interested in our courses. My meetings were booked out within one day of the schedule opening. I had double the amount of requests for meetings than spots available. The quality of agents is outstanding and the organisation of the event was fantastic. I highly recommend this [ICEF Latin America Workshop] to education providers who are looking to increase their presence in the Latin market,” said Sherelyn Hallam, International Manager, ACCCO – Australian Child Care Career Options.

In total 169 quality agents represented nine Latin American countries: Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, and Peru. “It was a pleasure to be part of the amazing event once more. ICEF always brings a good number of quality schools, service providers, good seminars, but it is also nice to get in contact with other agents, especially this year, in a difficult time for the Brazilian economy,” said Jaqueline Diniz, Executive Director, Start Agência de Turismo e Intercâmbios, Brazil.

In addition, the ICEF Latin America Workshop brought additional value to the participants by offering various seminars. Maura de Araújo Leão, President, BELTA (Brazilian Educational & Language Travel Association) presented the association’s latest research results on the Brazilian market, followed by a panel discussion on future trends in the international education market.

The next ICEF Latin America Workshop will take place on 21-23 September 2017 in São Paulo, Brazil. See for more details.