ICEF Latin America 2019 supports the recent 20.5% growth of Brazilian outbound students.

ICEF Latin America 2019, held between September 30 and October 2 at the Grand Hyatt in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, experienced an overall participant growth of 7% to bring the number of attendees up to 413.

The number of one-to-one meetings held grew by 13% to reach 3 924. These outstanding results support recent reports of a rapid increase in student mobility in Latin America, particularly in Brazil. There was a 20.5% increase in Brazilian students studying abroad in 2018, with a record 365 000 students studying abroad during the year.

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The number of educators attending this year’s event rose to 167 from 108 in 2018. Educators arrived from 17 countries across five continents, with 40% attending their first ICEF event. There was a strong representation of educators from Canada, the US, the UK, Germany, and Australia. Educators responded very positively to the event, with their comments mentioning the quality of agents at ICEF Latin America. As Muzaffar Ali, of Aorere College, New Zealand said: “ICEF Latin America is a very well organised event that brings high-quality agents from the region together in one convenient location. There was an excellent use of technology to make meetings and sessions efficient. This event is a true pleasure to attend.”

Chiara Avidano, of CiaoItaly – Turin, Italy added: “What a great event that is very useful for promoting a school. It offers plenty of opportunities to talk with agents and international colleagues so that you can learn how to improve your work.”

Agents continue to play a critical role in the Brazilian market, and roughly 86% of outbound students made their booking arrangements in 2018 through an education agency. 203 agents attended the event, all of who were from Latin America. 14 states in Brazil were represented, accounting for 83% of the agents in attendance. Other key markets represented by agents included Chile, Argentina, Colombia, and Ecuador. Agents were very positive about the opportunities offered at this event, including Derlene Calpacci, of DIDACTA Turismo e Cursos no Exterior, Brazil, who said: “ICEF Latin America is beyond expectations. Excellent venue, convenient distribution of spaces, engaging subjects, and wonderful meals.”

Connie Aguilar, GBA Brazil, went on to say: “What an amazing experience ICEF Latin America was. It even surpassed my expectations. Wonderfully organised, amazing support and a great, reliable team.”

Participants enjoyed a wide range of informal networking opportunities, including a welcome reception, dinner event, and a seminar programme. Highlights of the seminar programme included presentations from Janeth Pena-Heredi and Rafaela Costa from the US Consulate in Brazil. The Canadian Consulate in Brazil also gave an address reviewing education opportunities in Canada. Other seminars discussed the future of careers and skills in the coming age of robots, and overview of the Brazilian market, and how Ireland changed its fortune through education investment.

The next ICEF Latin America will take place in São Paulo, Brazil. For more information, please visit

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