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ICEF has been at the forefront of the international education sector enabling connections between counsellors and educators since the early 90’s. We have successfully developed certified courses and accreditation to support our global community of study abroad agents and we are proud that today many thousands have achieved certified status.

We firmly believe in the transformational benefit – to individuals, communities, and greater society – that directly results in assisting students globally to choose a better career path.

With this greater purpose in mind, we have decided to extend our support to individuals offering student counselling within secondary schools by creating the ICEF Counsellors Community (ICC). The ICC is a nurturing community that provides bespoke training and development for school career counsellors while also empowering and strengthening relations between them and international higher education institutions.

Key benefits for HEIs

  • Meet secondary school and career counsellors from all over the world who are responsible for guiding student choice on one community platform.
  • Access thousands of quality and focussed students via counsellors.
  • Shape how counsellors view your institution and offer targeted information to prospective students.
  • Save time via the ICC community instead of searching individually for the right person and their contact details.
  • Enjoy outstanding outreach opportunities by engaging counsellors through webinars and virtual 1-to-1 meetings.
  • Benefit from practical opportunities to regularly train and educate counsellors on your programs, admissions and international students requirements.
  • Discuss admission processes so that student applications can be received well in time for the next intake.
  • Showcase your institution by highlighting faculties & departments, as well as conducting programme /subject based seminars.
  • Get alumni and student ambassadors to share their actual experiences, which is extremely impactful for the study destination choice.