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ICEF has been at the forefront of the international education sector enabling connections between counsellors and educators since the early 90’s. We have successfully developed certified courses and accreditation to support our global community of study abroad agents and we are proud that today many thousands have achieved certified status.

We firmly believe in the transformational benefit – to individuals, communities, and greater society – that directly results in assisting students globally to choose a better career path.

With this greater purpose in mind, we have decided to extend our support to individuals offering student counselling within secondary schools by creating the ICEF Counsellors Community (ICC). The ICC is a nurturing community that provides bespoke training and development for school career counsellors while also empowering and strengthening relations between them and international higher education institutions.

Key benefits for counsellors

  • Foster direct relations with the world’s leading educational institutions, all enabled remotely via your bespoke platform.
  • Meet and network with key senior staff and institution faculty members besides the international office teams.
  • Learn internal processes from registry, admissions, accommodation, and student support directly so that the knowledge can be directly passed onto interested students.
  • Benefit from an outstanding opportunity to ‘skill and up-skill’ yourself as a counsellor.
  • Get subject specific presentations and training from academic staff at globally leading institutions so that you and your students can get an in-depth understanding before finalising study choices.
  • Learn how social media platforms (Tik Tok, Instagram and LinkedIn) can help improve your outreach.
  • Receive timely information and regular up to date briefings on:
    • Application processes
    • Visa regulations
    • Immigration routes such as post study work
    • Scholarships and financial assistance