ICEF Celebrates 1 000 ICEF Agent Training Course Graduates

ICEF GmbH has reached an important milestone, graduating 1 000 agents through the ICEF Agent Training Course (IATC).  These 1 000 agents represent 103 countries worldwide. The IATC launched six years ago as a means of raising the standard of quality and professionalism of student recruitment agents, and now the graduate base has reached an all-time high.

The 1 000th agent is Abdusalam Nwesri from Al-Tahaddi for Educational Services (Libya). Also certified this week were Mohammed Abu Aql – Leaders Cultural Center (Jordan), Mohammed El Hosary – International Holidays for Education Services (Saudi Arabia), Sarah Cattle – Independent Agent (France), Nader Hijazi – Studynet Group (Azerbaijan), and Thi Lan Bui – Asia Pacific Company (Vietnam).

“Reaching 1 000 graduates with IATC has been one of the proudest moments in my 18 years at ICEF,” said Director, Agent Relations Tiffany Egler. “Education agents play a significant role in counselling and referring students to international education providers and it’s great to see this course completed successfully by so many. ICEF sees the agent recruitment channel as essential in growing global student mobility and will continue to promote the ICEF Agent Training Course to ensure that international students have the best student experience possible. We look forward to continuing to help agents achieve a higher level of professionalism in their field.”

ICEF designed the ICEF Agent Training Course to support excellence and professional standards in international education and made it accessible by delivering the course online free of charge, recognising participants who completed the IATC assessment with certificates, inclusion in ICEF’s online listing and a feature in the QEA (Qualified Education Agents) App. The QEA App provides a global listing of over 5 000 qualified counsellors recruiting students for education institutions worldwide.

ICEF offers a variety of other courses, including ICEF China Education Agent Course (CEAC), Canada Course for Education Agents (CCEA), and US Agent Training Course (USATC).