How to work with ICEF

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There are many ways for international education agents to work with ICEF. Alongside attending our events, we also offer training programmes and certification to help agencies signpost their quality to future education partners.

Find out more about the ways you can work with ICEF below.


Our industry-leading quality assurance processes are recognised worldwide as an advantage for student recruitment agencies who have been successfully vetted or certified by ICEF. Our screening ensures that we work with only the best study abroad agencies.

Because they know about our reputation for quality, the education institutions we work with are more willing to engage and work productively with screened agencies.

To work with ICEF, education agents must:

  • Complete the ICEF Agent Application Form (link)
  • Pass our referencing checks
  • Provide details of any agency association memberships
  • Submit details of business practices to ICEF for review
  • Pass a vetting call with one of our team of Agency Relationship Managers

For full details of our agency screening process, please contact our agent team.



In 2010, we launched a formal recognition programme, acknowledging education agents who have met ICEF’s strict quality standards.

To qualify for ICEF Agency Status (IAS), agencies must have:

  • Attended a past ICEF Event in good standing
  • Passed a screening call with their Agency Relationship Manager
  • Provided four references from reputable education institutions

In recognition of their achievement, and to help education providers find quality partners, these agencies are entitled to identify themselves as an ICEF Agency and to use our logo in their marketing communications.

Student recruitment agencies who have received ICEF Agency Status are evaluated on a regular basis to ensure ongoing compliance with ICEF’s standards, giving educators faith in their ongoing quality.

To start the process of becoming an IAS, please click here.


Foreign recruitment agents who wish to demonstrate their expertise in specific study destinations can undergo certification by studying for one of our ICEF Agent Training Courses and successfully completing the course test.

These online education agent training courses provide practical, professional training for agency-based international student recruitment counsellors, building knowledge of the industry, key destinations, fundamental skills and daily operations.

To learn more about ICEF Agent Training, please click here or click on the relevant icon below: