Boat Party & School Tour - Mentora Language Academy & Career College (formerly Capital English Solutions)

Name of hosting organisation: Mentora Toronto (Language Academy/Career College)
Dates: 03/05/2020 @ 7:30 pm to 04/05/2020
Location: Toronto Harbour
Capital English Solutions (AKA CESToronto) has REBRANDED to MENTORA LANGUAGE ACADEMY and has also newly opened a Career College, MENTORA COLLEGE Of BUSINESS & TECHNOLOGY in TORONTO. We are part of BAUGlobal, a network of Universities, Academic Centres, and Language Schools all over the world.

All aboard the 'Cool School' Boat Party!
On May 3, Mentora Toronto welcomes agents/partners for a night of dinner/drinks/dancing/sightseeing around the beautiful Toronto harbour. We’ll follow this with a tour to our newly rebranded and redesigned school on May 4.

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