ICEF Virtual Nigeria • November 14 - 16 2023
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Connect with trusted agents to access this increasingly competitive market for international education

New for 2023 – ICEF Virtual Nigeria is an online networking event dedicated to connecting international educators and reliable student recruitment agents from this major African market.

The tremendous growth in African outbound student mobility is linked to a need to provide higher education to the burgeoning number of college-aged students in the region. Nigeria, which is Africa’s most populous country, has a youthful population, a large proportion of whom are English speakers. As a result, Nigeria is Africa’s foremost source of international students with top study destinations including the US, the UK and Canada.

Programme & Webinars

ICEF Virtual Nigeria is a 3-day virtual networking event that allows you to build your own personalised schedule of up to 50+ one-to-one meetings with existing and potential partners, to take place on the 2nd and 3rd day of the event.

On day 1 you have exclusive access to a series of interactive live webinars and online panel discussions, featuring up-to-date information and news on the latest market trends, issues and opportunities currently affecting the international education and online learning sectors.


Who attends ICEF Virtual Nigeria?

The educator delegates who participate in ICEF Virtual Nigeria recognise the huge potential of the Africa region with large youthful populations and a number of high net worth countries. They take part in this virtual event to maintain existing regional contacts and to develop new partnerships with student recruitment agents who have been pre-screened by ICEF, to ensure professional quality.

Whether you represent an educational institution looking to raise your profile in this part of the world, a student recruitment agency representing students from Nigeria, or a service provider aiming to bring your offer to an eager market, ICEF Virtual Nigeria is a ‘must-attend’ networking event for your 2023 calendar.

Pricing & Registration

Educators and service providers can attend ICEF Virtual Nigeria for just €1,950 per participant.

Student recruitment agents who have successfully completed ICEF’s rigorous screening process are invited to apply to attend.