ICEF Student Recruitment for Online Programmes • January 29 - 31 2024
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Tap into new markets and increase international student recruitment for online programmes

Following our successful 2023 event, and reflecting the continued growth in demand for online study options, ICEF Student Recruitment for Online Programmes returns again as a 3-day virtual event in 2024. Connecting providers of online education with 120+ pre-screened student recruitment agents from around 50 countries who are experienced in promoting online and hybrid programmes across all study types.

The event also welcomes providers of online learning related solutions and products, ranging from digital marketing to online student support and student financing.

Programme & Webinars

ICEF Student Recruitment for Online Programmes is a 3-day virtual networking event that allows you to build your own personalised schedule of up to 50+ one-to-one meetings with existing and potential partners, to take place on the 2nd and 3rd day of the event.

On day 1 you have exclusive access to a series of interactive live webinars and online panel discussions, featuring up-to-date information and news on the latest market trends, issues and opportunities currently affecting the international education and online learning sectors.


Who joins ICEF Recruitment for Online Programmes?

This event is created exclusively to bring together e-learning and hybrid education providers, with ICEF-screened student recruitment agents.

As a provider of online programmes, this event is a chance to connect with agents who have an in-depth knowledge of the online learning environment, and are able to recruit your potential students.

For student recruitment agents, the event provides an opportunity to partner with providers of online learning programmes, offering a chance to diversify your product portfolio and reach a much larger audience.

Pricing & Registration

Educators and service providers can attend ICEF Student Recruitment for Online Programmes for just €1,950 per participant.

Student recruitment agents who have successfully completed ICEF’s rigorous screening process are invited to apply to attend.


ICEF for online learning providers

The online learning market is booming. Since the lockdown of 2020, conventional education institutions have been forced to adopt hybrid learning environments and they have fast become serious players in the sector.

Much of the credit for the rapid growth belongs to the student recruitment agencies, who serve as both valued business partners to educators and trusted advisors to millions of international students.

2023 Event Statistics

  1. China
  2. Turkey
  3. India
  4. Nigeria
  5. Brazil
  1. USA
  2. Canada
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Germany
  5. Switzerland


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Irmy Friedl Bonelli
NEW (Network Education Worldwide), Italy

Online programs are a new market for my agency and more and more clients are asking for a proposal, especially people who work and cannot go abroad for many reasons. So this ICEF event has been very interesting for me. Thank you for the perfect organisation.

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Diogo Gonçalves Pereira Rodrigues
Yes Intercambio - Young Education Studies, Brazil

The idea of bringing institutions that focus on Online Programs was very assertive! We can talk to providers who have been in that industry and know how we can scale up our business within the Online Education Proposition! I would do it again for sure!

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Alina Grygorian
StudyGRI, Netherlands

I love where education is going. We are going to an online world which educators slowly slowly start to understand. Some are very creative, some are trying to be. Online ICEF opened me eyes on how online education is growing and how many millions people are investing in it. My contacts are great and I got lot of information I was searching for. My dream is to bring quality education to the world. Therefore, I found few great contacts who are thinking in the same way.

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