ICEF HE Connect

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December 01 - 03, 2020

About this event

ICEF HE Connect is a new virtual event for student mobility professionals focusing on higher education brought to you by ICEF. Offering each participant up to 85 meetings, this event provides interactive knowledge exchange, networking opportunities, and an extended online community for tertiary education institutions and selected higher education-focused agents dedicated to sending international students abroad.

Student recruitment agents continue to play a critical role in driving the growth of the higher education sector. These agents are known for faithfully representing higher education institutions in target markets around the world, and adding value by providing culturally-aware counselling to students and their families as they get ready for their study abroad experience. Education agents also monitor enrolment criteria and visa requirements, helping guide students and ensuring a smooth onboarding process for students and schools.

ICEF HE Connect gives the perfect forum for higher education providers and HE-focused student recruitment agents to meet and strengthen existing connections in a bespoke event designed for their specific needs. This event also caters for international relations managers wishing to set up partnerships and alliances with other higher education institutions around the world.

Why attend ICEF Virtual Events

Our Virtual Events are unmatched in their ability to keep you in touch with the international education community, without having to travel. As well as maintaining your relationships with existing partners, our virtual events help you:

  • Enjoy the industry’s leading virtual meeting solution, seamlessly combining live 1-to-1 video meetings, text chat, informal networking spaces, and live and on-demand webinars
  • Get unmatched access to senior decision-makers at ICEF pre-screened agents
  • Network and share experiences with your peers at higher education institutions in other countries
  • Access targeted contacts for specific regions or focus areas, helping you develop your network with confidence
  • Set up international partnerships with other like-minded institutions
  • Receive dedicated support at any of our events, keeping things running smoothly for you and your team
  • Receive accurate and reliable contact data for the industry’s largest database of individually pre-screened and reference checked agents
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest industry news and trends through our unmatched programme of live and on demand seminars, helping you respond decisively to the latest changes
  • Take to the international education industry’s centre stage to develop your brand and be seen amongst leading industry figures
  • At a time when travel is challenging, provide vital updates to your partners and the wider community about upcoming developments or changes you may be facing as a business
  • Meet new players within the international educational community. In our August 2020 ICEF Agent Voice survey, 72% of 130 agents surveyed indicated that they are looking for and have established new partnerships with educators during COVID-19
  • Cost-effectively access new partners or territories where travel for you would have otherwise proven prohibitive

Programme & Seminars

As well as offering each participant 85 potential meetings with other higher education focused professionals, ICEF HE Connect takes our renowned 1:1 meeting concept a step further. By adding even more market intelligence and building a knowledge community for international relations officers, student recruiters, and higher education focused agents, we provide an unmatched experience for leaders in international education.

ICEF HE Connect is built around an educational seminar programme of multiple live and pre-recorded sessions. We have designed these to be interactive so that they’re valuable to our participants and we use interactive audience response tools such as live Q&A, polls, surveys, and group chats to facilitate learning opportunities.

Higher education institutions joining ICEF HE Connect can request meetings with providers and education agents before the event starts, enabling them to build a pre-scheduled programme of up to 85 1:1 video meetings.

The ICEF HE Connect community will remain open for 9 months after the event, enabling those who join us to continue to access the content of the conference programme, and to network with each other on topics of interest. ICEF will also be adding relevant content and updates to the community, keeping conversations alive and ensuring that the event continues to add value for months to come.


Who goes to ICEF HE Connect?

We have designed this virtual event specifically to meet the needs of higher education student recruitment professionals from around the world. Tertiary education institutions, selected higher education-focused agents, and providers of services relevant to these organisations are all invited to ICEF HE Connect.

Whether you represent an educational institution looking to raise your profile, a student recruitment agency looking to forge new connections, or a provider of services relevant to the international education industry looking to bring your offer to an eager market, you’re sure to benefit from attending.

To find out more about the types of organisations who attend our virtual events, please click here.

To make the ICEF event experience as productive as possible for all attendees, we have developed our rigorous agent screening process to ensure that educational institutions meet only with the most qualified student recruitment agents who have a demonstrated history of successful student placement. To learn more about our agent screening process, please click here

Additional event information

ICEF HE Connect is an online event, accessible conveniently wherever participants are in the world, and from any handheld or desktop device.

We know that the magic of attending one of our events comes from the conversations our attendees have away from their meetings or the chance encounters they have over lunch. In developing ICEF HE Connect, we have been determined to bring everything that makes an in-person conference so productive to the virtual world. We have designed an engaging and intuitive event where our participants will immediately feel at ease, effortlessly able to find engaging content, and make new connections.

With ICEF HE Connect, we give attendees a seamless experience, combining seminars with video meetings, discussion rooms and private chats. We build on this with a fully flexible schedule that participants can develop before and during the event, all shown in the local time zone, wherever you are in the world.

To make the most of the event, we strongly recommend that all participants have access to a reliable Internet connection, a microphone and a webcam.

ICEF HE Connect is the new way for you to meet student mobility professionals with a specific focus on higher education. This event provides unique networking opportunities, a knowledge exchange, and a year-round community for tertiary education institutions and selected ICEF-screened agents dedicated to sending international students abroad.

To reserve your place, please enquire now.