ICEF HE Connect 2020

December 01 - 03, 2020

1st Edition


We welcome

Higher education institutions and international student recruitment agents and service providers focused on tertiary education around the world.

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About ICEF HE Connect

ICEF HE Connect is a new virtual event for student mobility professionals focusing on higher education brought to you by ICEF. It provides interactive knowledge exchange, networking opportunities and a year round community for tertiary education institutions and selected higher education-focused agents dedicated to sending international students abroad.

Student recruitment agents continue to play a critical role in driving the growth of the higher education sector. These agents are known for faithfully representing higher education institutions in target markets around the world, and adding value by providing culturally-aware counselling to students and their families as they get ready for their study abroad experience. Education agents also monitor enrolment criteria and visa requirements, helping guide students and ensuring a smooth onboarding process for students and schools.

At ICEF, we pride ourselves on facilitating outstanding working relationships, helping international education professionals from all sectors make strong and lasting partnerships with quality agents. Our higher education networking events have firmly established us as the most efficient and cost-effective way of building productive and meaningful relationships in this field.

ICEF HE Connect takes our 1:1 meeting concept a step further. By adding even more market intelligence and building a knowledge community for international relations officers, student recruiters, and higher education focused agents, we provide an unmatched experience for leaders in international education. Our unique programme ensures that attendees will only be interacting with qualified and capable partners, who are able to add value and help meet specific objectives.

We have designed this virtual event specifically to meet the needs of higher education student recruitment professionals, in 2020/21 while travel is restricted, and also for future editions for those delegates who decide to travel less in future, whether for budget, health & safety, or carbon footprint awareness reasons.

Programme & Seminars

The inaugural ICEF HE Connect will take place between 1 - 3 December 2020, and will bring together hundreds of international student recruitment professionals focused on higher education from around the world.

Conference programme: ICEF HE Connect is built around an educational seminar programme of multiple live and pre-recorded sessions. We have designed these to be interactive so that they’re valuable to our participants and we use interactive audience response tools such as live Q&A, polls, surveys, and group chats to facilitate learning opportunities.

Our seminar programme will provide up-to-date information on the latest market trends and issues currently affecting the international higher education market around the world. These sessions are all optional and will be available both live and on demand so participants can tailor their schedule to suit them.

Matchmaking: ICEF HE Connect, is designed to help participants make valuable new connections. As well as browsing the list of all event participants or searching the names of those attending similar sessions, attendees can match with other event participants using suggestions provided by our advanced artificial intelligence (AI) matching system. At the event, our software will match people according to the information supplied in their profiles, suggesting highly-relevant connections to each attendee. This helps attendees to target and connect with relevant contacts, ensuring that time spent at ICEF HE Connect is highly valuable.

Virtual exhibition: Higher education institutions joining ICEF HE Connect can request meetings with providers and education agents before the event starts, enabling them to build a pre-scheduled programme of 1:1 video meetings.

Participants will also benefit from engaging profiles which they can tailor to feature their own content, downloads and marketing material. These rich profiles are also available to education agencies choosing to exhibit, as well as to organisations offering relevant products and services which enhance the international student experience, such as student accommodation, insurance & financial solutions, edtech, logistics, training, testing & accreditation bodies. We are also able to offer these engaging virtual profiles to associations, cultural institutions and government bodies.

Community: ICEF HE Connect will remain open for one year after the event, enabling those who join us to access the content of the conference programme, and to network with each other on topics of interest all year round. ICEF will also be adding relevant content and updates to the community throughout the year, keeping conversations alive and ensuring that the event continues to add value for months to come.

Who goes to ICEF HE Connect?

ICEF HE Connect is a highly focused online event for student mobility professionals with an interest in higher education, providing informative, engaging content and networking opportunities.

This new event connects international student recruitment professionals from all sides of the higher education spectrum. Whether you represent an international higher education institution looking to raise your profile, set up exchanges with other institutions or increase your international student intake, are an education agency looking to forge new connections, or a provider of services relevant to the international education industry, you’re sure to benefit from attending.

How is ICEF HE Connect held?

ICEF HE Connect is an online event, accessible conveniently wherever participants are in the world, and from any handheld or desktop device.

We know that the magic of attending one of our events comes from the conversations our attendees have away from their meetings or the chance encounters they have over lunch. In developing ICEF HE Connect, we have been determined to bring everything that makes an in-person conference so productive to the virtual world. We have designed an engaging and intuitive event where our participants will immediately feel at ease, effortlessly able to find engaging content, and make new connections.

With ICEF HE Connect, we give attendees a seamless experience, combining seminars with video meetings, discussion rooms and private chats. We build on this with a fully flexible schedule that participants can develop before and during the event, all shown in the local time zone, wherever you are in the world.

To make the most of the event, we strongly recommend that all participants have access to a reliable Internet connection, a microphone and a webcam.

Your ICEF HE Connect

ICEF HE Connect is the new way for you to meet student mobility professionals with a specific focus on higher education. This event provides unique networking opportunities, a knowledge exchange, and a year-round community for tertiary education institutions and selected ICEF-screened agents dedicated to sending international students abroad.

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