“ICEF Agent” stands for a uniquely professional principle in our industry. The principle is based on 20+ years of business experience and has been perfected throughout this period. Simply put, we are concerned about quality – we pride ourselves on having the strictest, most comprehensive and diligent quality controls. The underlying process is on the one hand built up of the ICEF Agent Screening and the ICEF Agency Recognition Programme; on the other hand built up of the ICEF Agent Training with its specific Professional Courses and Destination Courses.

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What Agents say

  • Personally I found the ANZA programme to be very informative and useful. It was a good opportunity to interact with service providers and education providers. In addition, I enjoyed the opportunity to share ideas and information with agents from different countries.

    Hari Sapkota

    Education Planet, Nepal
  • This was my first ICEF event, I am happy I was able to make so many contacts with prospective education providers that I can represent in Nigeria.

    Olufolakemi Olakotan Adeniyi

    Mel Logistics, Nigeria
  • ANZA is the place where you can build very good business connections.

    Christine Szablyas

    Dream Service International
  • ICEF Events are the best way to make contacts that help us to grow and improve.

    William Moreno Acero

    Will World Australia, Latin America
  • I was able to get some very useful information from old/present/new schools. I will be able to use this information for students in Japan.

    Takashi Fujita

    Kyoiku Bunka Network, Japan
  • It was very nice to be part of the ANZA Workshop. I found the school representatives from Austria and New Zealand to be SUPER friendly and warm. I feel like our students will be in good hands if they attend one of those schools.

    Vivien Liang

    Franklin International Education Group, Taiwan
  • This was my first time to participate in this event and I found it to be very informative.

    Ikram Ahmed Shaikh

    AS Foreign Education Consultants, Pakistan
  • An excellent event to expand business and to find potential partnerships. Very useful!

    Lucia Liu

    Chinese Educational Development and Counselling Association (CEDCA), China
  • This was my first time to attend an ICEF event. I found it very efficient for meeting more overseas schools and institutions. I really enjoy the opportunity to explore more opportunities and new educational programmes.

    Wei E

    ABG Education Consulting Co, China
  • Even though I have attended ICEF Workshops many times, ICEF Beijing still gives me new information and contacts which are valuable for our business. We even signed new agreements at some of the meetings!

    Michael Lu

    Chongging Rite International Business Consulting, China
  • This was a really great opportunity to meet and discuss partnerships with institutions from all over the world. I found casual meetings during breaks, lunch and receptions as valuable as the scheduled meetings.

    Julian H. Lee

    Apply International, South Korea
  • As a new agency, I was able to make lot of new contacts and had the opportunity to meet with quality schools.

    Jaqueline Diniz

    Start Agência de Turismo e Intercâmbios, Brazil
  • We were able to get so much information! We were also able to meet new providers and update ourselves with what is happening in the market.

    Alan Servio Araujo

    Embarque Educacional, Brazil
  • ICEF provides the best events in the world for agents to meet with educators.

    Luis Arria

    Evospash, Venezuela
  • I liked the ICEF Latin America Workshop very much. It was nice – the environment, the quality of the schools, and it was very well organised. I would highly recommend ICEF Workshops to other agents.

    Claudia Regina Pereira

    SIP – Student International Programs, Brazil
  • The Workshop was an excellent opportunity to develop my business and to socialise with other agents and educators.

    Graciela Gatti

    Children Institute, Argentina
  • The schools at the event were very high quality and the meetings I had offered many new opportunities.

    Ana María Ferrer

    Educaustralia, Chile
  • This was my first ICEF event and I was very impressed. The event was well organised, great for making contacts and collecting information, and also a lot of fun!

    Katherine d'Arbeloff

    Daher Turismo, Brazil
  • Thank you very much for the unique chance to make business and friends.

    Gustavo Viale

    InterWay Educational Consultancy, Argentina
  • It was a great workshop with outstanding educators. It was also very well organised and conducted. It was definitely a valuable opportunity to learn more about international education.

    Eliana Gleide Vieira Silva

    Best Way Intercâmbios, Brazil
  • There was a very good selection of Universities.

    Suad Alhalwachi

    Education Zone, UAE
  • The workshop went very well for me. I had the chance to meet good institutions and sign new contracts. It was a very productive event.

    Zhibek Kiteyeva

    Lingualand, Kazakhstan
  • The workshop is a very good platform for educators and agents to network with existing business partners and also for future business.

    Sumon Talukder

    SSBCL Group, Bangladesh
  • This was my best ICEF event so far! I had so many successful meetings. I like the higher education focus and I hope it will continue to grow!

    Jeroen Bastiaansen

    Study Globe, Netherlands
  • The contacts I made at this workshop will allow us to offer better and more specialised programmes to our students.

    Christian Mejia

    Study Union International – Barranquilla, Columbia
  • This was my first ICEF Higher Education Workshop, but it will definitely not be the last! It was a great workshop with good participants, an excellent venue, and whole host of new ideas and programmes to offer my students in Serbia.

    Magdalena Jugovic

    Kub Travel Enterprises, Serbia
  • I have found this workshop extremely valuable and worthwhile.

    Tukeni Obasi

    Maple Education Canada Inc, Canada
  • I have had a long contact and experience with ICEF workshops and in my opinion they are an excellent team of expert organisers where everything and anything from A to Z really works in a smooth way.

    Rosella Semprini

    R.O.S. Educationals, Italy
  • Even though our attendance was confirmed at the last minute Marcom onsite was really useful for scheduling meetings. The event for us was very successful and has given us a full confidence in promoting Canada in Nepalese Market.

    Kamal Lamichhane

    iae GLOBAL Network, Nepal
  • ICEF Workshops are really well organised and managed. We enjoyed the time spent in Vancouver. ICEF gives us the opportunity to meet with different school representatives in a convenient way. Our network is expanded and we appreciate it very much.

    Lucas Zhu

    Tersman International Education, Canada
  • The workshop exceeded my expectations! There were good quantities of organisations and educators. It was a great opportunity to catch up with schools as well as learn about immigration regulations.

    Kodai Miyasaka

    A FOUR-LEAF, Japan
  • I made some good new contacts and I consolidated existing relationships. Both quantity and quality of new contacts satisfied my expectations.

    Adriana Festa

    Viaggiando SrL, Italy
  • This workshop helps us to develop our business. It is also a chance for us to discuss our challenges with educators and find solutions.

    Makhbuba Ergasheva

    EuroAsia Consulting, Canada
  • I think that such events are very effective and important for the education world because they bring together industry leaders and ensure that education develops properly, particularly in countries with limited resources.

    Jorge Humberto Arteaga

    FANTEL, El Salvador
  • The event was very well organised. Overall, it was a valuable opportunity to make new contacts, see our current partners and keep up with industry news.

    Eliana Gleide Vieira Silva

    Best Way Intercâmbios, Brazil
  • ICEF Vancouver workshop was a good opportunity for our Agency to make new connections with Canadian education Institutions, talk to existing partners and what was most important – we finally had the chance to visit real Canadian schools in person and get a feeling what our students should expect.

    Vyacheslav Zhiradkov

    ADDRIAN, Ukraine
  • Overall I thought the conference was very good! The staff were very helpful and easily accessible for any questions.

    Rumidzai Jane Chitumwa

    Megham Consultancy, Zimbabwe
  • I found that the workshop is very interesting and useful for me, especially the information about schools and making with a lot of friends and business relationships from different countries.

    Huong Thi Dang

    Centre for Education Promotion and External Co-operation (CEPEC), Vietnam
  • The workshop allows me to meet many different educators which really helps my business.

    William Wai Lun Chan

    Think Tank Education Consultancy, Hong Kong
  • Each ANZA Workshop is always very organised and useful for initiating business relations in the international education market. ICEF has always been committed to the betterment of the education sector.

    Elma Perello-Lagamson

    Convergence Documentation Services, Philippines
  • The ANZA Workshop is professional and certainly will help my business for long in the future.

    Thi Lan Bui

    Asia Pacific Company Ltd (APACO), Vietnam
  • The ANZA Workshop was a great opportunity for me to get to know many excellent educators in Australia and New Zealand. Also, it was nice to get connected with various agents in other countries as well.

    Nobuhiko Katayanagi

    GCS Group, Japan
  • Overall it was a good workshop, with new providers like accommodation, immigration, and travel companies also invited. This workshop really met the needs of our agency. Now we are able to add some valuable services for all our clients when they want to study in Australia and NZ.

    Meti Meti

    ELTIM, Indonesia
  • The event as a whole was really well organised. There were lots of good educators and service providers. The dinner was lovely and was even a better chance to strengthen and develop our relationships.

    Vitaliy Stepanenko

    Students International Education Group, Russia
  • ANZA14 was well organised and has already produced results for our agency. We found potential partner schools by attending this event.

    Wei Zhang

    Tianjin Leader Overseas Education Service, China
  • We have managed to make some great partnership agreements and we really hope that this event boosts our company profile and future business relationships with Australian Institutions.

    Elena Sergeeva

    Education Standard Consulting Group, Uzbekistan
  • As a member of AREA, I would like to say thank you to the ICEF team from all of our Association members for very high level of cooperation and assistance for many years already. It is a pleasure to be at any ICEF workshop.

    Grigory Ugarov

    Open World Education Group, Russia
  • In my experience, attending ICEF workshops is the most effective method of finding good providers and gaining an understanding of the changes in this sector.

    Inna Moiseyenko

    European School – Kiev, Ukraine
  • ICEF Moscow gave us a wonderful opportunity to establish new contacts and get valuable insights of the benefits of different programmes.

    Ekaterina Andreevna Galaktionova

    Campus Consulting Agency, Russia
  • The ICEF Moscow Workshop is one of the most successful for us because there are lots of providers ready to cooperate in a variety of programmes.

    Sofya Sazykina

    PEI School of Foreign Languages Interlingua, Russia
  • Many thanks for such a wonderful opportunity to meet with existing partners and create new ones. The workshop is also a good chance to share our experiences with colleagues from Russia.

    Natalia Baranova

    UniStudy, Russia
  • The amount of new contacts at this workshop was great. We hope that these contacts will be result in new applications in the future.

    Yulia Ruzaikina

    LLC ESCAPE, Russia
  • Thank you for this great event! It is my first ICEF Workshop and it was very helpful for our agency!

    Patimat Magomedova

    Instep, Russia
  • ICEF Moscow gave us a chance to expand the quality and quantity of our educational partners.

    Kristina Kushnirova

    Intellectual Education Abroad Consultancy, Russia
  • I managed to meet some new schools that I like very much. Everything was perfect.

    Tatyana A. Khromchenko

    Takt & Partners, Russia
  • Excellent workshop! It gave us a great opportunity to find new education providers, expand existing relationships and share industry news. This workshop has already helped us to enroll 3 students for secondary and undergraduate programs.

    Yulia Alimochkina

    Litera Scripta Manet, Russia
  • Everything about the event was interesting! We hope to participate again next year.

    Elizabeth Soto

    Emigrate to Canada Consultancy Services SA de CV, Mexico
  • I loved the roadshow! The smaller group meant it was easy to talk to contacts and get information.

    Jose Méndez

    AwayStudy, Mexico
  • Everything was perfect as usual!

    Francisco Daguer

    Nomadas Travel, Mexico
  • For MC LINK TRAVEL this event provided a very important opportunity to meet new intuitions to work with. ICEF Monitor allows us to know the market that we are working in. At ICEF events we really find a great partners and excellent organisations.

    Alejandro Camacho

    Mc Link Travel, Mexico
  • This event exceeded my expectations in terms of organisation and the quality of the educational institutions present. My company will definitely grow after this roadshow.

    Fidel Castro Gomez

    You Can Learn International Student Services, Mexico
  • Overall our experience with ICEF has been very good. The roadshow was well organised and overall was a very good event. Thank you to all of the ICEF staff and support services.

    Neil Howard

    McEwen & Howard, Colombia
  • For our company Educaustralia - Educación International, ICEF gives us many opportunities to have direct contact institutions, with whom we want to make business with.

    Carlos Arevalo

    Educaustralia - Educacion Internacional – Cali, Colombia
  • Good to have ICEF in Colombia! Thank you for thinking about our country as a meeting point for international educators and agents.

    Javier Perdomo

    ESL Estudios Internacionales S.A.S, Colombia
  • thought the Mexico-Colombia Agent Roadshow was well organised. The list of schools and organisations was plentiful – there were lots of people to talk to from many different schools. I also thought that the location of the Colombia roadshow was perfect! Bogotá is a great city for such events. Overall it was a great experience.

    Luis Antonio Colby

    ISAS - International Studies Advisory Services, Colombia...
  • I found the event to be very well organised! I will definitely attend your other events too.

    Hui-ju Oh

    HJ Global Edu, Korea
  • The roadshow in Seoul was very useful. I had a great time!

    Jenny Kim

  • The roadshow was a good opportunity for me to get to know new schools. The event allowed me to meet great schools that I can easily promote to my students.

    Alexia (Seoungnyung) Park

    Tomato Education & Internship, Korea
  • It was good to have meetings with many kinds of schools and companies. The information I was given, will be very useful for my students.

    Hyeyoung Kim

    Power Uhak, Korea
  • I met so many new educators! I am looking forward to participating again in the future.

    Tsuyoshi Okamura

    Mott Education Network, Japan
  • The roadshow was a good opportunity for our organisation to find new partners. It was a valuable experience.

    Mako Nakauchi

    Asia SEED - Tokyo, Japan
  • Thank you for giving the chance to meet various English schools, universities, colleges and educational organisations from all over the world! My city is far away from Tokyo, but it was worth it to make the journey!

    Yasuko Fukushima

    Minami Nihon Culture Center, Japan
  • It was great join ICEF in Tokyo! The event was very organised compared to the other workshops held in Japan. It really was great chance to see and meet with educators and other agents too. Thank you. Thank you for this great opportunity and I hope to attend more ICEF Workshops in the future.

    Kodai Miyasaka

    A FOUR-LEAF, Japan
  • Thank you so much for inviting and organising this great event! It was very helpful for developing new contacts and getting updated school information.

    Yoshikazu Ueoku

    Global Study / Linguage Corporation, Japan
  • It is always nice to have the chance to meet educators from different countries in person. I really appreciate the support you give agents.

    Chiho Iuchi

    ISA, Japan
  • Thank you so much for offering such a big event in Tokyo. I enjoyed meeting so many schools. I was able to talk with representatives from language schools, community colleges and Universities.

    Eiko Nakane

    Angelus Overseas Study, Japan
  • I am really impressed with the new contacts I have made at ICEF Dubai, and also the ability to make my previous contacts much stronger. These kind of international workshops are very fruitful for both agencies and educators.

    Sunay Tunca

    Dil-Mes Study Abroad Advisory, Turkey
  • The workshop was very helpful; it gave me opportunity to meet with a variety of educational organizations and has been extremely beneficial to our agency.

    Jawad M. Aljasem

    International Academic, Saudi Arabia
  • This workshop was full with quality institutions from all over the world. In my point of view ICEF is the premier platform for institution and agent networking.

    Shiraz Rasheed Chaudhry

    Paragon International, Pakistan
  • This event has indeed been a valuable link between international educators and student recruitment agencies. We look forward to future events also create new links.

    Renuka Sawhney

    Al Noor Higher Education Services Centre, Oman
  • In our changing market, we need people who are really interested in our students and our business. We believe that ICEF can meet this goal and connect us with very good educators who share our desire to grow.

    Mohammed Abu Aql

    Leaders Cultural Center, Jordan
  • This workshop has been very productive as we met with education providers from our target markets and have also already signed agreements with some of them.

    Naresh Kumar

    Turning Point Studies Consultants Ltd, India
  • Everything was perfect!

    Ismail Ince

    Canadian Cultural Center (Kanada Kultur Merkezi), Turkey
  • The ICEF Dubai Workshop is a really fantastic event!

    Rosemarie Talana

    Al-Tumooh Educational Consultancy, UAE
  • Thank you for everything! It was all excellent!

    Yasser Salahelddin

    Farnas Holidays, Saudi Arabia
  • I was really impressed with everything at the ICEF Dubai Workshop!

    Chika Stella Eboh

    Mediatrix Educational Services, Nigeria
  • ICEF Dubai was a wonderful experience, especially meeting many educators.

    Salman Fahad

    Ambassador Education Promoters, Pakistan
  • Thank you for organising another amazing workshop, we have hugely benefited from this event and made several new contacts in addition to strengthening our existing partnerships.

    Yavuz Selim Soydemir

    Academia International, Turkey
  • It was a privilege to attend ICEF Dubai 2014. I was really amazed at the high profile educators at the event. This event has not only increased our educator network, but has significantly expanded the frontiers of our operations. I met with 36 schools during my pre-scheduled appointments; I made 5 extra appointments and also had 6 casual

    Gideon Edomwandagbon

    6 casual appointments. I also signed 5 contract Agreements. I am grateful to ICEF for this Business transforming opportunity. I look forward to other events in the near future.
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  • ICEF has managed to connect us and the world of education that we were unaware of. Each appointment has not only been meaningful but also informative. ICEF Miami 2012 was a great event to connect and better understand the world of international education.

    Pratima Mittal

    International Placewell Consultants, UAE
  • Another great ICEF workshop that helped us to connect with more language training providers, high schools and higher education institutions in the USA and Canada to help our business grow.

    Vyacheslav Zhiradkov

    ADDRIAN, Ukraine
  • ICEF Miami was an excellent opportunity to get to know the North American market, and meet quality providers and establish new relationships.

    Marina Ananyeva

    Educational Centre Greenwich, Russia
  • ICEF Miami was a great success for my agency as our number of contacts in USA & Canada doubled!

    Ayman Abdelhafez

    Sindibad Education Consultancy, Saudi Arabia
  • There are so many great education institutions at ICEF Miami – this is very important for us as it allows us to keep growing.

    Anna Voznesenskaya

    IQ Consultancy, Russia
  • ICEF Miami is really a great event – very well organized. It is a fantastic platform to establish new relationships and consolidate existing ones. Further, it enables fantastic networking opportunities.

    Rajesh Arya

    Council for American Education, India
  • ICEF Miami was very well organized and led to some us meeting excellent new contacts . Thank you all for the amazing effort.

    Anuraj Sandhu

    Canam Consultants Limited, India
  • I hadn't come to the Miami Workshop in 10 years and am impressed of how it has grown, especially in the quality of education providers.

    Christine de Chanaud

    Séjours Home Abroad, France
  • Miami ICEF was a great Workshop and exceeded our expectations. We were able to consolidate existing relationships and meet very good prospective partners.

    María Teresa Alarcón

    Study, Learning and Intercultural Exchange SLI, Ecuador
  • Thank you for organizing such a wonderful event. The schools are of a high quality and are excited to work with agencies. It’s really a good platform to build working relationships between agencies and institutions.

    Jessica (Xia) Zhou

    Edu Shanghai International Co. Ltd., China
  • Once again the ICEF North America Workshop was a total success. The quality of educators is very high and most importantly, they are open to working with agencies like ours.

    Oscar Del Rio

    Minerva Consultores Academicos SRL, Bolivia
  • We appreciate this opportunity to participant in the ICEF Miami Workshop. The event has been well organised and has helped us to find many interested educators. Our business is growing because of ICEF’s workshops.

    Juntao Zhang

    Education Global Investment Inc., Canada
  • ICEF Berlin is the largest event in the world and provides me with a platform to contact targeted institutions around the globe. We as a company get maximum benefits at the Berlin Workshop for our future business.

    Muhammad Ashraf

    Harmain Education Network, Pakistan
  • The ICEF Berlin Workshop was a great experience for me, apart from the opportunity to meet and develop new contacts, it was informative and educative. The lectures were excellently delivered by the presenters and I am very happy that I made the journey to Berlin!

    Chika Stella Eboh

    Mediatrix Educational Services, Nigeria
  • I find the event extremely useful for having personal contact with educators. This is very important as it gives us a great opportunity to discuss all aspects of mutual cooperation.

    Svetlana Byelyayeva

    Academical Travel, Ukraine
  • The ICEF Berlin Workshop is very useful. I have made many contacts from different countries in just two days. I found this very good!

    Vikas Jalota

    Sharpmind Educational Services (SESPL), India
  • It was my greatest pleasure to attend ICEF Berlin for the very first time. I feel that ICEF Berlin is one of the best education events in the world. I cannot wait to be part of future events!

    May Maduka

    Goldenway Educational Services (GWES), Nigeria
  • It was a great pleasure for me to attend ICEF Berlin workshop. It was very well organised and one can find any package they need. It was great to meet all kinds of educational institutions and programmes in one location.

    Elza Robakidze

    UIC – Tbilisi Georgia, Georgia
  • This was an excellent event! As a first timer I would recommend this event to anyone.

    Erion Kosovrasti

    Tandek | Exchange your mind, Albania
  • I think that this was the best ICEF workshop I have attended so far. As a result of the contacts made here (in Berlin) I will be bringing programmes to Bolivia that have never offered before. Many of these are alternatives to the more expensive programmes in the US and the UK.

    Oscar Del Rio

    Minerva Consultores Academicos SRL, Bolivia
  • It is really an excellent event to meet many schools, colleges and universities under one roof. It was easy for me to increase my business contacts and opportunities in a very short time.

    Mohammad Shamsul Islam

    BSB Global Network, Bangladesh
  • Once again ICEF Berlin gave me the greatest opportunity to meet new educators, work with the ones we are currently partnered with and also interact with other agents.

    Gustavo Viale

    InterWay Educational Consultancy, Argentina
  • This is the second year I have attended ICEF Berlin. I was very impressed in 2012 and have not been disappointed this year! Excellent organisation throughout – superb for catching up with present providers and some good new contacts made for the future. I will definitely come again in 2014!

    David Dobson

    ARC Schools and University Consultants, Germany
  • ICEF Workshops can help me to extend my business.

    Weiming (David) Zhang

    Global Seestudy Advisor Services Company, China
  • The workshop is a good bridge between schools and agents. It provides the right information for agents.

    Dada H.C. Chen

    Boanda Group – Taida International Education Services, Taiwan
  • This was my first time to participate in this event and I found it to be very informative.

    Ikram Ahmed Shaikh

    AS Foreign Education Consultants, Pakistan
  • An excellent event to expand business and to find potential partnerships. Very useful!

    Lucia Liu

    Chinese Educational Development and Counselling Association (CEDCA), China
  • This was my first time to attend an ICEF event. I found it very efficient for meeting more overseas schools and institutions. I really enjoy the opportunity to explore more opportunities and new educational programmes.

    Wei E

    ABG Education Consulting Co, China
  • Even though I have attended ICEF Workshops many times, ICEF Beijing still gives me new information and contacts which are valuable for our business. We even signed new agreements at some of the meetings!

    Michael Lu

    Chongging Rite International Business Consulting, China
  • This was a really great opportunity to meet and discuss partnerships with institutions from all over the world. I found casual meetings during breaks, lunch and receptions as valuable as the scheduled meetings.

    Julian H. Lee

    Apply International, South Korea
  • Claudia Patricia González Pacheco

    AVAA, Venezuela
  • Thiago Michaelsen

    Egali Intercambio, Brazil
  • Rose Rao

    Grand International Education Services, China
  • Mohammed Abu Aql

    Leaders Cultural Center, Jordan
  • Kenneth Odion Ilalokhoin

    Global Networks Education Services, Nigeria
  • Anastassia Romanenko

    Insight Lingua, Russia
  • Maren Teschner

    Magoo international GmbH, Germany

Upcoming ICEF Events for Agents

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