Education Fund - Zimbabwe

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Zimbabwe Rural Schools Development Programme (ZRSDP) is a charity that aims to improve educational opportunities in rural Zimbabwe and to provide new facilities and resources, by working in partnership with schools and other institutions. ZRSDP’s focus is to reach remote communities that do not receive government assistance or support from other charities.

Since 2007, the number of qualified teachers in Zimbabwe has dropped significantly. This is a result of a shortage of funds, serious epidemics such as AIDS and Cholera, and the migration of skilled workers to more stable economies. In rural Zimbabwe, this shortage is even more drastic, with most teachers not having the appropriate training. After identifying this problem, the ZRSDP launched their first teacher training course in 2011. Since then more training courses have taken place.

James Herbertson of The Stay Club, UK, has been involved in the ZRSDP project for many years, helping to raise funds and awareness. With great pleasure, ICEF decided to join James in supporting this project. The ICEF Education Fund donated US$ 2 000 to the ZRSDP which funded a teaching training programme for 20 teachers in the village of Chidamoyo. This included tutors’ salary, accommodation, food, all course materials, and transportation.