Education Fund - Turkey

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In Turkey, 34% of girls do not attend high school. For many of these girls, education ends prematurely due to poverty. It isn’t simply a matter of education costs: many disadvantaged Turkish girls are required to stay at home to contribute to household income.

CYDD addresses this problem at its root by providing female students with scholarships, which allow these girls to cover the costs of their education and to compensate their family for their absence. This particular project will provide scholarships to disadvantaged girls in seventh grade for six years, enabling them to continue their education until they graduate from high school.

High school educated girls are more likely to find employment and achieve dignity through financial and personal independence. As such, this project is a significant, concrete step towards equal opportunity for girls like Remziye Kaya: “First I want to be a successful dentist. Then I will help other girls get educated. Women can be as successful as men.”

In 2012, ICEF contributed US$ 1 200 to this project which provided full scholarships to three girls in rural Turkey.