Education Fund - Nicaragua

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76% of the people in Nicaragua struggle to get by, earning less than $2 a day. Children often do not go to school because their families cannot afford to send them. Once they have left school, many children go off to work in order to help their families.

Ranking just after Haiti as the poorest country in the Americas, Nicaragua sees only about 30% of its children make it through to the end of primary school. Of those, few take their studies further as most families do not have the means to pay for a high school education. Rural areas see the lowest levels of education. In fact, three-quarters of the population living in rural Nicaragua cannot read and often have access to only one or two years of school. With 65% of its population aged 25 and under, education is a high priority in Nicaragua.

Operating out of Granada, Nicaragua, volunteer driven La Esperanza Granada aims to improve opportunities in Higher Education for the children of Nicaragua. Since 2002, this non-profit has been operating sponsorships, donations, and volunteer efforts that provide high school and college education to Nicaragua’s most poverty-stricken regions.

Sponsorship with La Esperanza Granada allows students who have completed primary school to move on to high school and even college in some cases. The ICEF Education Fund is sponsoring three students for five years of high school each.