Education Fund - Kenya

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In 2016, the ICEF Education Fund donated €2 000 to support long term ICEF clients, French in Normandy (FIN), as they participated in the Mongol Rally to raise funds for Heart Children’s Home in Kenya. ICEF's donation covered the petrol for the entire journey.

Founded and operated by ICEF agent Julia Steiner, the Heart Children’s Home provides food, shelter, medical care, support, and education to approximately 24 children in Malindi, Kenya.

In July 2016, the Mongol Rally started in the UK and saw teams drive across Europe and Central Asia to the finishing point in Ulan-Ude, Russia. The French in Normandy team, led by Eleri Maitland, made the journey in an old camper.

ICEF CEO, Markus Badde said: “It is fantastic to see the ICEF community working together and supporting each other in charitable ventures. Education is the key to building stronger communities and breaking the cycle of poverty. We applaud Julia and her commitment to improving the lives of orphans in Kenya and encourage our clients, partners, and friends to support the French in Normandy Team as they raise money for this cause.”