Education Fund - Ghana

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In the village of Ekwamkrom, Ghana, unemployment is a fact of life, with 70% of the village population without a source of income. Those fortunate enough to have jobs earn around $25 per month. In addition, many families in this village have at least four children – making it almost impossible to survive on what little they have.

Primary level education is free in Ghana, however for many village children it is not an option. Parents are often unable to cover the costs of uniforms, textbooks, and other school-related items. As a result, many children do not attend school or go sporadically when their family can afford it, leaving many children illiterate.

The Meet Kate Foundation supports local initiatives that focus on youth in Ghana. Meet Kate aims to provide village children with a strong basic education, opening doors to further study and ultimately better employment opportunities. The Meet Kate Academy is located in Ekwamkrom and consists of nursery, kindergarten, and primary school. The academy provides quality education for 270 children, as well as creates a large number of jobs in this small community, thus alleviating unemployment.

Meet Kate has made a huge impact in villages in Ghana, undertaking projects such as building a dormitory and providing electricity for a vocational school for girls, building a children’s home to provide short-term accommodation and care. Meet Kate has also established a day-care centre, giving parents the opportunity to find work during regular business hours.

The foundation continues to make a huge impact in the lives of Ghanaian children, as summed up by Abena, an 11-year-old girl from Ekwamkrom: “One year ago, I could not write my name. Thanks to the tutoring of the teachers and a scholarship I am now in class three. I am so happy and I love school.”

ICEF donated US$ 1 500 to this project which provided five students with a one-year scholarship, including their uniforms, books, transport to school, and lunches.