Book launch – The Trends Impacting International Education are just Beyond the Horizon!

ICEF and Barton Carlyle launch their new joint publication Beyond the Horizon at this year’s NAFSA annual conference.

The next decade will see further dramatic shifts in the balance of economic and political power, and these will greatly influence the shape of international education. Beyond the Horizon helps educators consider the trends that will significantly impact our industry over the next few years.

Drawing upon the unique resources and knowledge base of ICEF Monitor, Beyond the Horizon provides insights about how to best to face challenges and create opportunities as the international education sector rapidly evolves in a dynamic global environment. “Beyond the Horizon provides the best understanding of where our industry should be looking for its future success. We are very happy to deepen our relationship with the experts at Barton Carlyle to make sure our stakeholders are ready for all that is yet to come,” commented Markus Badde, CEO, ICEF.

This joint publication also marks the beginning of a new collaborative endeavour: ICEF Achieve. The new research and advisory service provided by Barton Carlyle, ICEF Achieve is the most comprehensive consultation service in the industry – providing extensive analysis, recommendations, training and support to institutions.

“We are excited to extend Barton Carlyle’s global expertise to the international education community through our partnership with ICEF, as their preferred, exclusive provider of research and advisory services. Their enhanced market presence and outstanding research resource coupled with our expert specialists help us deliver strategic thinking based in operational reality,” added Pamela Barrett, CEO, Barton Carlyle.

The launch of Beyond the Horizon and the new ICEF Achieve initiative will be celebrated with the distribution of a limited edition print at the launch event on the main Soundstage at this year’s NAFSA conference on Thursday, 2 June at 4:30pm (MST). E-copies are available for download at: