Screening for Education Agents

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We work with the leading study abroad agencies from around the world because we think they can greatly improve the experience for international students and education providers alike.

By supporting students through the application process for their study programme and visa, the experienced and qualified education agents we work with are able to cost-effectively increase overseas student registrations for education providers and reduce stress for students.


We know that the success or failure of many study programmes rests on the quality of partnerships that education institutions are able to make with trusted student recruitment agencies around the world. To be successful, education providers need to have confidence in the ability of their overseas educational partners to source qualified and motivated students for their courses.

For over 25 years, we have been the benchmark for comprehensive agent quality, setting high standards across the international education industry and helping education providers ensure that they are working with the best education agents in sourcing their international students.

We have designed our unique screening process for student recruitment agents to assess their ability to meet the needs of global educators. Every application we receive from a prospective agency is carefully reviewed by our expert team of Agency Relationship Managers and references are personally checked.


In addition, our screening includes checks on agencies’ business credentials, association memberships, as well as an-in depth conversation with one of our expert team.

Once an agent successfully passes our screening process, we continue to regularly review their standards and conduct so that education institutions can be confident of their continued quality.


To ensure that only the best agencies are represented at our events, we ensure that there’s a fair balance between educators and agencies, and we will limit the number of agents at our events if needed. This means that both sides are able to hold productive meetings without being overwhelmed.

We also make sure that we are able to meet the geographical needs of educators by inviting agents whose coverage aligns with the student recruitment targets of institutions.

To start working with recruitment agents, or to refresh your connections with existing partners, check out our upcoming ICEF Events near you.