Agent growth and quality ensure ANZA 2016 is a success

Melbourne was the host city for the 2016 ANZA Workshop. In total, 75 education institutions from Australia and New Zealand, 12 work and travel organisations, 92 service providers and 170 ICEF-screened agents from 43 countries, gathered for three days of seminars, networking, focussed business opportunities, and fun.

Overall the event grew 6% with the biggest increases seen in the number of service providers (46%) and agents (21%). Agents have long been a part of the recruitment landscape in Australia and New Zealand. As a result, the ANZA Workshop aims to introduce new markets and agencies to the region each year. This year one-third of the agents at the event were first time ANZA attendees, creating opportunities for institutions with mature agent networks to establish new partnerships.

During the workshop, over 3 600 pre-scheduled meetings were held. With a wide range of schools represented, agents were extremely happy with the event (university & vocational 51%, language programmes 17%, secondary & boarding 25%, multi-sector 7%). Agent, Vivien Liang from Franklin International Education Group in Taiwan said: “It was very nice to be part of the ANZA Workshop. I found school representatives from Australia and New Zealand who were SUPER friendly and warm. I feel like our students will be in good hands if they go there.”

Educators at the event found the quality of the agents to be very high. Among the agents were 41 QEAC agents (Australian qualification), 8 English Australia partner agencies, 12 Education New Zealand Recognised Agents (ENZRA) and 29 ICEF Trained Agent Counsellors (ITACs). Sherelyn Hallam from ACCCO – Australian Child Care Career Options commented: “The quality of the agents was great and gave us so many opportunities to build solid relationships.”

There were two receptions at the ANZA Workshop, the Welcome Reception – sponsored by Study Queensland, and the Dinner Reception – sponsored by Study Melbourne. The dinner reception, held on the second day of the workshop featured a fashion show, showcasing the creations of international students studying in Melbourne institutions.

FAM Tours give agents valuable first hand knowledge of schools, activities and regions, building trust and ultimately allowing them to better advise their students. ANZA is known for its extensive FAM Tour programme. This year 5 agent FAM tours were offered to schools and attractions in Victoria (Melbourne and Geelong) and also to Auckland, New Zealand.

The 2017 ANZA Workshop takes place at the Cairns Convention Centre in Queensland, Australia (April 05 – 07). Further details will be available shortly at