Agent Quality and Screening

ICEF About Agent Quality and Screening

Our commitment to agent quality

At ICEF we are concerned about agent quality. We pride ourselves on having the strictest and most comprehensive agent quality controls. Developed over ICEF’s 25+ years of experience, our screening process considers the needs of different types of educators and an agent’s ability to meet these needs.

ICEF has the industry’s largest agent department, comprised of 17 Agent Relations Managers (ARMs) plus part-time staff, who focus on recruiting quality agents. Each agent application is carefully reviewed and positive references are personally checked. Our ARMs are experts in their specific markets and know which agents best serve key education sectors.

Once an agency is accepted, they are regularly reviewed and their conduct during and after ICEF events is monitored. We hold our agents to the highest standard at all times and maintain an unpublished blacklist of those who do not meet our professional standards.


Quality control

Our quality control process holds information on more than 20 000 international education agents, built up over the years. To maintain this database, our ARMs maintain dialogue with agents’ associations, ministries of education, and embassies dealing with educational matters. The ARM team follow developments in their markets and identify new agents through web research and education events.

Finding a balance

To maintain event quality, we limit the number of agencies attending according to the number of educators present. We also operate quotas for agencies from specific markets. These quotas provide a balance of countries at our events, ensuring that educators meet a diverse range of agent participants.


The application process

We will only confirm an agency’s participation after reviewing their application information, including a website check and receipt of four positive references from reputable educators.

For some events we require additional information. Agents applying for ICEF Higher Education, the Australia New Zealand Agent (ANZA) event or ICEF North America events must demonstrate a clear focus on sending students to these markets.


ICEF Agency Status

ICEF’s industry-leading quality assurance processes are increasingly recognised worldwide as an advantage for agencies who have been successfully vetted for and participated in, ICEF events.
Many agencies reference their event participation in their promotional materials and business cards.

In 2010, ICEF launched a formal recognition programme, acknowledging agents who have met ICEF’s strict standard of quality. New agencies attending an ICEF event in any given year automatically qualify for ICEF Agency Status (IAS). These agencies are entitled to identify themselves as an ICEF Agency and to use our logo in their marketing communications. Agencies who have received ICEF Agency Status are evaluated every two years to ensure ongoing compliance with ICEF’s standards.

ICEF is dedicated to harassment-free events and we expect our attendees to always act in a professional manner. Our Code of Conduct can be found at