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For most international students, agents play an important role in selecting and applying to institutions abroad. As a result, agents have become a vital recruitment method for Canadian and US educators.

For the last nine years, the ICEF North America event in Canada has attracted an increasing number of participants, firmly establishing itself as Canada’s leading education networking event.

At the event, educators and service providers from Canada and the US will meet with hundreds of education agents, all rigorously vetted through ICEF’s renowned quality screening process. Among other requirements, agents must provide several references from current Canadian and US partners, and disclose the number of students they have successfully placed per education sector in North America in the last year. This ensures that only active, relevant agencies are accepted to the event.

Prior to the event, educators and service providers gain access to eSchedule PRO, ICEF’s customised scheduling software. Through this software, educators and service providers can easily determine relevant agents and pre-arrange up to 38 face-to-face meetings.

In addition to formal meetings and social events, event participants may also participate in various market intelligence seminars and industry presentations.

Attended by the best North America-focused educational agents, and organised by the industry leader in educator-agent networking events, ICEF Vancouver is the must attend international education event in Canada.

The event enables educators to hold pre-scheduled one-to-one business appointments with relevant, quality student recruitment agents, as well as with other educators and service providers. These appointments are 25 minutes in duration and serve the dual objectives of meeting with new contacts and/or maintaining existing relationships. The event programme also includes meals, refreshment breaks and evening functions, which offer valuable social networking opportunities.

Specific Information about this Workshop for Agents

  • Easily develop partnerships with quality educators from Canada and the US
  • Increase student placements by gaining new contacts and new representation agreements in North America
  • Broaden and diversify your product portfolio and study options
  • Maintain existing contacts and networks
  • Promote your agency to key players within the international education industry
  • Keep up with current market intelligence and trends
  • Meet with a large number of educators and service providers in one place - save time and money
  • Sit the ICEF Agent Training Course (IATC) test

View the Agent comments video.

  • Educators exclusively from Canada and the United States
  • International agents wanted to connect with educators from Canada and the US
  • Service providers who have products and / or services to sell to Canadian and American students via education institutions or education agents
  • Education industry members including education associations, tourism boards and economic development organisations

Prior to the event:

  • Comprehensive details of invited educators and service providers
  • Access to the eSchedule PRO online meeting booking system
  • City and venue information

At the event:

  • 3 nights’ hotel accommodation (per agency) for agents based outside the event location
  • A copy of the Educator & Service Provider Catalogue
  • An entry in the Agent Catalogue
  • Access to Marcom Onsite for last-minute appointment scheduling
  • Participation in seminars
  • Event receptions, refreshment breaks and meals
  • Opportunity to attend agents familiarisation tours and receptions

PROPOSAL FORM for FAM Tours and Receptions / Vancouver

2019 FAM Tours and Receptions

The participant information pack will be published 3 months prior to the event.

All participants will need a valid passport or an appropriate travel document to enter Canada.

As of November 10, 2016, visa-exempt foreign nationals who fly to or transit through Canada will need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). Exceptions include U.S. citizens and travellers with a valid visa. Click here to find out if you need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA).

Please check travel and visa regulations with your respective embassy well ahead before travelling. A list of countries whose citizens will require a visa to visit Canada can be found at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

US citizens should visit the Department of Homeland Security website for a list of acceptable documents to re-enter the US.

Business travellers usually need to apply for a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). To make sure you apply for the right visa to enter Canada, please check this page.

Canada does not have a visa office in every country. To find out the visa office closest to you, please click this link.

Please refer to this page to find videos on how to complete visa applications correctly.

Information on general processing times at various visa offices is available at the following link.

What to do if an application is refused:
If an individual’s visa application is denied, the applicant will be informed in writing. If there is new information that was not previously considered or if circumstances have changed since the refusal, the applicant may wish to submit a new application. Please note that unless the applicant provides further information that addresses the concerns raised in the refusal letter, the applicant will likely get the same results. Every person applying for a visa must satisfy the requirements under IRPA in order for the visa officer to approve the applications.
Applicants are advised to submit complete applications, including all supporting documents, in accordance with the instructions provided in the visa office website.

For additional information on what to do if an application is refused, visit IRCC’s website.

Please note that ICEF can only provide you with a letter of invitation for the duration of the event (April 24 - 27). If you require a letter of invitation, please contact Ms Hannah Brust. Deadline for invitation letter requests is March 24, 2019.

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