About this Roadshow

The ICEF Mexico – Colombia Roadshow provides international educators with the opportunity to meet quality, active student recruitment agents from both Mexico and Colombia.

This event is split between Mexico City and Bogotá, the political, economic and cultural hubs of these two important student markets, and will offer participants a one day event in each location.

All agents attending the roadshow are carefully screened, are actively sending students abroad, and have expressed an interest in language programmes, boarding schools, high schools, vocational training programmes and universities from around the world.

In Latin America, personal contact is crucial to successful business relationships. Face-to-face meetings at the roadshow provide an excellent opportunity for educators and service providers to consolidate existing partnerships, as well as establish new ones. In addition to formal business meetings, a number of networking opportunities at lunch times, coffee breaks and evening functions allow you to develop the social aspects of your business relationships.

The ICEF Mexico – Colombia Roadshow is the most efficient and cost-effective way to meet face-to-face with a large number of quality agents; it is a must for educators who want to connect, build and maintain long-term partnerships in both Mexico and Colombia.

Specific Information about this Roadshow for Agents

  • Increase student placements by making new contacts and representation agreements
  • Expand and diversify recruitment reach
  • Easily develop partnerships with quality educators from all over the world
  • Diversify your product portfolio by adding different study options
  • Maintain existing contacts and networks
  • Sit the ICEF Agent Training Course (IATC) test
  • International educators (universities, vocational schools, boarding schools, language schools) wanting to connect with quality agents from Mexico and Colombia
  • Agents from Mexico and Colombia wishing to meet with international educators
  • Service providers who have products and / or services to sell to international students via education institutions or education agents

Prior to the event:

  • Comprehensive details of participating educators and service providers
  • Access to the eSchedule PRO online meeting booking system

At the event:

  • A copy of the Educator & Service Provider Catalogue
  • An entry in the Agent Cataloguee
  • Refreshment breaks, lunch and an invitation to the dinner function

“We really like to come to this Roadshow because we find it very useful to get new contacts and updates on education abroad.” - Juan Pablo Arango, AIE CONSULTING, Colombia.

“Excellent event, congrats for the organization, I registered expecting new contacts in specific programs and countries (Germany, UK and Portugal) and I got it.” - Miguel E. Aguilera, Intern Group, Colombia.

“Thank you very much for such a great event. The follow-up was very punctual and this kind of event provides the opportunity of increasing our business relationships in the easiest way!” - Julian Vazquez, Mc Link Travel, Mexico.

“I have attended ICEF conferences the last 18 years. Always excellent, all my schools come from an appointment at an ICEF conference.” - Rodolfo Robles, Viajes Nuevo León - Especialistas en Educación en el Extranjero, Mexico.

“I Like the ICEF event very much, I get a lot of contacts from excellent schools.” - Rocio Sánchez Chavez, Canadian & International Language Centers / CILC Corporativo, Mexico.

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