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There is no comparable event in terms of size and opportunity anywhere in the world – ICEF Berlin is the leading international education focused networking forum and a must-attend event for all industry professionals.

Berlin event participants may attend various seminars, expert panels, and presentations each providing valuable insights into the latest trends and research affecting international education. In addition, event attendees benefit from numerous informal networking opportunities including lunches, coffee breaks, a cocktail reception and an official gala dinner. These social events give participants the chance to make further contacts and extend business relationships on a more personal level.

ICEF Berlin is the most comprehensive and cost-effective way to keep up with industry developments, share ideas with peers and extend existing networks through meeting top international education professionals, face-to-face, in one convenient location.

Specific Information about this Workshop for Service Providers

  • Easily develop a global network education professionals
  • Grow sales and diversify your customer base
  • Expand sales reach through important multipliers
  • Maintain existing contacts and promotional networks
  • Promote your company to key players within the international education industry
  • Keep up with current market intelligence and trends
  • Meet a variety of agents and educators in one place - save time and money

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PROPOSAL FORM for FAM Tours and Receptions / Berlin

2018 FAM Tours and Receptions

The participant information pack will be published 3 months prior to the event.

How to maximise your workshop experience? - Watch the video tutorials:

  • PART 1 - before the workshop
    Learn about ICEF Workshops, preparing for an event, making appointments and tips for a successful workshop experience.
  • PART 2 - at the workshop
    Learn what happens during an event, including identifying potential partners on site, workshop etiquette, using the agent catalogue and key questions to ask agents during meetings.
  • PART 3 - after the workshop
    Learn about post event follow up. Effective follow up leads to strong partnerships, successful relationships, and a better ROI.

    Please check travel and visa regulations with your respective embassy well ahead before travelling. Further information, downloads and a list of countries whose citizens will require a visa to visit Germany can be found at:
    German Foreign Ministry - Visas for entry into Germany

    If you need a visa and require a letter of invitation, please send an email to ffestersen@icef.com for further assistance.

    Please note that ICEF can only provide you with a letter of invitation for the duration of the event from November 3 to November 5, 2019.

    Deadline for invitation letter requests is October 2, 2019.

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