ICEF appoints Monele Schrot as Director, French Programming, Canada

22 Jan 2018 / General,Press Releases

L’ICEF nomme Monèle Schrot au poste de directrice des programmes en langue française, Canada

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The 2017 ICEF North America Workshop – Vancouver becomes ICEF's largest event ever held in Canada

2 May 2017 / General

Following the success of the largest ever Australia New Zealand Agent (ANZA) Workshop earlier this month, ICEF just hosted yet another record-breaking event. With...

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Australia New Zealand Agent Workshop

ICEF celebrates 10 years of the Australia New Zealand Agent (ANZA) Workshop

18 Apr 2017 / General

The Australia New Zealand Agent (ANZA) Workshop just celebrated a 10-year milestone. Over the years, ANZA has become the largest agent networking event in...

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ICEF Market Snapshot – Vietnam

22 Feb 2017 / General

Vietnam is increasingly recognised as an important emerging market for international education. Outbound mobility has grown strongly over the past decade and demand for...

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ICEF Market Snapshop – Turkey

1 Feb 2017 / General

Turkey is emerging as an increasingly attractive study destination and source of students. Because of its newly invigorated economy, its young population, its strategic...

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