Increased meeting activity between participants at back-to-back ICEF events in Moscow, Kiev, and Almaty confirms rapid growth in these markets

9 Apr 2018 / Press Releases

Several industry sources have reported rapid growth in Eastern European and Central Asian markets in the last few years. Increased meeting activity at the...

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ICEF Agent Roadshow growth in Japan-Korea and Mexico-Colombia

19 Mar 2018 / Press Releases

The recent ICEF Japan-Korean and Mexico-Colombia Agent Roadshows both experienced growth this year, with the 2018 ICEF Mexico-Colombia Agent Roadshow proving to be the largest ICEF...

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The ICEF Dubai Workshop 2018 highlights the growing diversity of international student recruitment agents

26 Feb 2018 / Press Releases

The ICEF Dubai Workshop 2018, held between February 12th and 14th this year, saw an increased number of agents taking part compared to 2017....

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ICEF appoints Monele Schrot as Director, French Programming, Canada

22 Jan 2018 / General,Press Releases

L’ICEF nomme Monèle Schrot au poste de directrice des programmes en langue française, Canada

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Many attend their first-ever ICEF Workshop in Miami

21 Dec 2017 / Press Releases

A high proportion of people attending their first-ever ICEF Workshop was a key feature of the 2017 ICEF Miami Workshop held between 11 and...

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